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S2Projekt – public space markings for the blind and visually impaired persons

Imagine, you can not see the world you live in. Imagine, you have to struggle in just walking from one place to another. In Poland, we have close to 2 million blind and visually people with disabilities, and the number increases. For them, world is full of barriers that make everyday activities real challenge.


Awareness of the need to make the world accessible to the impaired rises everywhere. On the streets and in the community buildings one can see more and more special markings, that make the life of visually impaired easier. More so, the government program “Accessibility Plus” pledges public institutions to take the needs of the blind into consideration, and make their premises fully accessible.


Our work is designated for every operator of the public space.


Our products and solutions are specifically designed to allow proficient, everyday commuting of visually impaired in public, and to help in avoiding dangers. Being the first company to produce the pins and guidelines, made both from stainless steel and polymers, we are ole the only company that has certified it’s products – only our goods are legally approved to use in public sector.


We design and produce the colored Tactile Maps and Plans (tyflomaps), as well as Braille labels for multiple uses (doors, staircases etc) and security contrasting markings for the stair steps and glass surfaces. Our approach is holistic, works in line with the Universal Design rules. We consult with the community of blind and visually impaired – on the daily basis.


S2Projekt is not afraid of the individual, non-standard projects. We’ve made the electronically enhanced Braille markings in the trains, as well as the tyflografic presentations of the works of art, for the blind students to be able to contemplate them fully.


Every day is the new challenge that widens our possibilities. Our knowledge and experience in the field of public space markings for disabled persons, our participation in the law creating process, and our devoted team of graphics, auditors and contractors, make us fully capable to meet your needs and expectations. Just ask – and we shall deliver.


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