Technical approval and certificates for S2Projekt products

Public space markings for the blind and visually impaired persons

S2Projekt is the first company on the polish market to produce the safety pins and guidelines that has certified it’s products.

our certificate of compliance applies for both stainless steel and polymer products


1. Technical Approval from the Roads and Bridges Institute

This TA is, at the moment, the only legal document for the horizontal markings for use in the public spaces. TA is the document provided only to products, which physical properties and technical specifications provide the fulfillment of basic requirements, such as fire safety, usage safety, proper hygienic and health protection properties as well as the environment safety measures, protection against noise and vibration and energy savings.


2. Accordance with TSI PRM norm – Technical Specification: Accessibility for People with Reduced Mobility

Our products ale designed and manufactured in accordance with the technical specification of interoperability for disabled persons, “Persons with limited movement capability”, set for te transeuropean system of conventional and high speed rail (TSI PRM), approved by the European Commission on December 21, 2007, 2008/164/WE. This specification was prepared in order to increase accessibility of the rail transport for the people with limited mobility. It’s impementaion provides conveniences for the impaired in the infrastructural buildings and will make the barrier platform-car easy to go through, together with the safe and comfortable travel in the car.


Quoting TSI PRM : “Information towards the visually impaired persons should be conveyed at least in one of the ways:

- guidelines, voice and/ or Braille signs, “Talking” markings, Braille enhanced maps, etc.

-if, on the barrier-free path towards the platform, there are guide-rails or walls, than , on the back side of guide-rail or on the wall at 850 to 1100 mm , there should be short information available (f.ex. Platform number or direction information), made in Braill or other convex alphabet; mail pictograms recognizable by touch being numers and direction arrows.


Widespread standardization of markings has great meaning for the blind and visually impaired. Generalization of the markings system may become repeatable, useful tool to understand accessibility on the same level in all the places prepared for the visually impaired.


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